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Thank you for your support from 2009 until 2013

HAVE2RUN Productions is a small organization based in Boston, MA from 2009 until the end of 2013.

HAVE@RUN was born from a vision to see Superheros run amuck through the streets of Boston. We were thrilled to partner with the City of Cambridge from 2009 and see our signature event grow from a few hundred folks in 2009 to an annual turnout of just over a thousand folks in the past several years.

A recent move by the race director's family in the summer of 2013 from Boston to Seattle has put a little distance between the director and the community and city of Cambridge that she loves so much. After successfully hosting the 2013 Superhero race, an important decision was made to pass the reins of this event to a partner in Massachusetts who shares a similar vision and work ethic and leaves her confident that the race will be taken to the next level and continue to grow in the community. And most importantly, let Cambridge continue to be a great city for Superheros to run amuck.

The race director's personal goal is to some year fly back to Boston and run the Superhero 5K. The event is NOW on my bucket list of races to run.

We thoroughly thank all our runners, volunteers, sponsors and community partners for all the support they have given to HAVE2RUN Productions.

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